Bachelor of Arts (Creative Writing)

BA (Creative Writing) Structure

Sheridan College's Bachelor of Arts (Creative Writing) program is a three-year undergraduate program for students interested in preparing for the writing life, or as a pathway towards postgraduate research.

The BA (Creative Writing) comprises 2 core Creative Writing units and 6 elective units specific to the Creative Writing discipline, 3 research-oriented units, 3 core Christian Studies units, and electives which may be chosen from other academic disciplines.

Each unit is worth 3 credit points, with the exception of the Research Project which is worth 6 credit points, for a total of 72 credit points. Click here to download the Course Guide for the BA (Creative Writing).

Units in the BA (Creative Writing) major include:


Pre-Degree Preparation


Creative Writing Core (2 units)


Creative Writing Electives (choose 6 units)


Research Core (3 units)


Common Core (3 units)


General Electives (choose 9 units)