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The Sheridan College Academic Calendar

Trimester Calendar. Block Calendar (Postgraduate Business only).


Trimester Calendar

Sheridan College's standard academic calendar is designed around three 15-week trimesters per year. Each trimester comprises 12 weeks of teaching, two non-teaching study weeks, and an examination week.


For undergraduate students, trimesters 1 and 3 are dedicated coursework trimesters. If you are enrolled full-time, you will take 3-4 core or elective units during this trimester.

Trimester 2 is a dedicated research trimester. Whether you are enrolled full-time or part-time, your only formal study during Trimester 2 will be a single research-related unit relevant to your field of study. The schedule provides a focused opportunity to acquire valuable research skills, and to practise applying those skills under the direction of the College faculty.


Standard Schedule for Full-Time Undergraduate Students

The Trimester 2 schedule also offers you some freedom to pursue personal, professional and learning goals outside of your formal coursework. The College provides a range of informal extra-curricular programs during this trimester for you to gain life experience and enhance your employability.

These programs include:

Starting your own small business or social enterprise.  Under the College‚Äôs mentorship (and potentially with its financial backing) you have the opportunity to formulate a business plan, then establish and begin operating a small business or social enterprise while completing your course.

Overseas language immersion trip.  Accelerate your language acquisition by immersing yourself in the language overseas. In 2017, Sheridan College offers extended language learning trips to China, Japan and Jordan.

Student-teacher placement for prospective language teachers.  For those considering language teaching as a career, the College can offer student-teacher placements in its associated Baptist K-12 schools.

Research placement in one of Sheridan College's long-term research projects.  Join Sheridan College faculty members in one of the College's major research projects - experimenting with artificial photosynthesis (Science); researching the Indian Ocean world (Arts); or investigating the Western Australian not-for-profit sector (Business).

Creative writing retreat.  Spend a few weeks in Margaret River, away from the noise and distraction of city life, to participate in intensive writing workshops facilitated by published author and poet Dr Miriam Lo.

Complete a Certificate IV or Diploma of Leadership and Management.  Improve your employability by adding a practical VET qualification to your academic degree. Sheridan College partners with Scorpion Training Solutions to deliver VET qualifications in leadership and management during Trimester 2. (Domestic students only).

Enrolment in a unit at another higher education institution.  Increase your choices of units by enrolling in a unit at a different institution during Trimester 2. Before enrolling, check with the Sheridan College administration to ensure that the unit can be considered for credit towards one of Sheridan College's degree programs. (Domestic students only).


Block Calendar (Postgraduate Business only)

Sheridan College's postgraduate business calendar is designed around 8 consecutive blocks of intensive study. Each block comprises 5 weeks of teaching plus a final examination. You will study one complete unit during each 5-week study block. There is a break of one week between each block.



Standard Schedule for Full-Time Postgraduate Students


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Sheridan College and Sheridan Research Institute are located at
18/7 Aberdeen St, Perth, in the Piccadilly Square West building.

For students, it conveniently places Sheridan College next door to McIver Train Station and a 9-minute walk from Perth Train Station. 10 parking bays will also be available for the exclusive use of staff and students, and the Aberdeen St entrance to the Newcastle St Carpark is across the road.

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